SexInYourCity Review – My Personal Review Of

A newer site that seems to be gaining popularity is a dating site called Sex In Your City (, not to be confused with the HBO show called Sex In Your City… The first thing I found out is that is actually from the UK with around 18.1 million US visitors per month. This is actually quite popular. I compared SexInYourCity to Fling and AdultFriendFinder and SexInYourCity was third in terms of people visiting the site. It looks the site is actually losing popularity compared to the and When it comes to ALL dating sites, males always, always, dominate and is no different at all with 67% of the visitors to the site being male. Besides that all the other research is pretty boring. Like all adult sites I review, I check out all the features to see the good the bad and the ugly of the dating site. Features:

  • Hot list – The hot list showcases sexy women located in your area.
  • Sex mag – The sex mag is basically all about sex. They have link to online porn sites, as well as real sex articles and tips on how to meet and interact with women. Actually some of the articles are pretty good such as the one about "Eating A Peach".
  • Member interviews – Actual interviews with members of Sex In Your City, pretty interesting.

Overall the site is the same as every other adult dating site. I would chose AdultFriendFinder over SexInYourCity. More members same basic price. Lastly, I checked and it seems some people have complained about the dating service. Some of the complaints include fraud and fake dating profiles. I have no way to verify this information but I am putting the info on here so you can decide for yourself what you want to do. It's better to have more information about something than less information.

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