Review – A Review Of This Cougar Dating Site

Are you interested in dating a cougar? It seems like their is a dating service for anything you can think of, and dating cougars seems to be no different. receives about 150,000 visitors per month, of that 72% of the members are younger  male seeking Mrs Robinson. The site is geared toward younger male seeking older women obviously.

As for the actual website it is part of Lover Cash. Lover Cash owns many other web sites such as,, and With my experience with dating sites, I can almost guarantee that all the sites under the  Lover Cash umbrella use the same database of members. The bottom line is if you already have a membership with any of those sites I listed above then you do NOT need to have another membership for the Date A Cougar site.

The female members listed on the homepage actually look real, because they aren't all model looking females. Some of the females actually don't look very hot, so they they must be real, ha ha. Browsing the features of, it's pretty basic. There is no web cam chat to verify cougar women before you meet them in person. Basically you can browse photos and email cougar women you are interested in meeting.

My personal review I think the site is decent, but for the same amount of money you can go to Adult Friend Finder and have access to many more local older women. is marketed as a "cougar dating site" but in reality you can find many more "cougars" on

In all honesty save your money and use a site that is one of the oldest and is the  most popular adult dating site in the world,

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