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Apr 29
SexInYourCity Review – My Personal Review Of

A newer site that seems to be gaining popularity is a dating site called Sex In Your City (, not to be confused with the HBO show called Sex In Your City… The first thing I found out is that is actually from the UK with around 18.1 million US visitors per month. This is actually quite popular. I compared SexInYourCity to Fling and AdultFriendFinder and SexInYourCity was third in terms of people visiting the site. It looks the site is actually losing popularity compared to the and When it comes to ALL dating sites, males always, always, dominate and is no different at all with 67% of the visitors to the site being male. Besides that all the other research is pretty boring. Like all adult sites I review, I check out all the features to see the good the bad and the ugly of the dating site. Features:

  • Hot list – The hot list showcases sexy women located in your area.
  • Sex mag – The sex mag is basically all about sex. They have link to online porn sites, as well as real sex articles and tips on how to meet and interact with women. Actually some of the articles are pretty good such as the one about "Eating A Peach".
  • Member interviews – Actual interviews with members of Sex In Your City, pretty interesting.

Overall the site is the same as every other adult dating site. I would chose AdultFriendFinder over SexInYourCity. More members same basic price. Lastly, I checked and it seems some people have complained about the dating service. Some of the complaints include fraud and fake dating profiles. I have no way to verify this information but I am putting the info on here so you can decide for yourself what you want to do. It's better to have more information about something than less information.

Apr 27
PassionSearch Review – An Honest Review Of

PassionSearch not to be confused with my own site PassionMatch is an adult dating site owned by the same people who own SexSearchcom, and also SexSearch. I’m sure there are more domains but those are the dating sites that I could find. These sites all look the same so if you have a membership to any of these dating sites then you do not need one for, unless you want to waste your time and money. The parent company is owned by Infinity Personals, FYI.

Passion Search is just a tamer version of SexSearchcom. I have to admit the homepage for Passion Search is pretty slick with the flash based video sign up. I registered for my free membership and logged into the members area. It seems to have the usual hocus pocus such as,  the ability to add photos and also videos to your dating profile.

Passion Search boasts it has 19 million members worldwide, but is it true? Well it seems that 1.2 million people visit the site every month, pretty good. Lets compare to my favorite site Ok the research doesn’t lie. receives 37.1 million US visitors per month compared to 1.2 million US visitors for

For everything boils down to what is the best “bang” for your buck LOL. Membership prices are roughly the same in the 30-40$ range. If it me paying for anything and comparing prices and features it’s easy to see that would win, why?

Both adult dating sites have the ability to add personal videos and photos of yourself to your online profile. PassionSearch and AdultFriendFinder also both have online chat,  online message boards, video webcam chat. If the sites are both pretty much the same but one site has 37 times more members then who would you go with? I thought so, I would do the same and try It’s common sense and the best value for your money. Where do you think you would have a better chance at meeting someone, probably Friend Finder.

It doesn’t cost anything for a free basic membership so try it out and see for yourself. Even better, get free memberships for both dating sites and see which one you think works better for you.

PassionSearch website

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Apr 13
SeekBang Review – Seek & Bang Hot Women By reading This Review

Ok here we go again another day another adult dating review. Today I would like to discuss Seek Bang seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity lately.  On the home page of  Seek Bang it states "People call it the Face Book of sex". Just like every adult dating site out there males seems to dominate the membership. That is no surprise to me, guys are horny right? Girls are looking for love, we are looking for one night of love. From what I can tell is owned by meaning that they use the same database of members for BOTH sites. If you have a dating membership to Fling, then you don't need to sign up to Seek Bang . I haven't reviewed Fling but I have checked out their site before. They offer the same type of options as other adult dating sites such as online chat, web cam rooms (see local women, couples or men  live on cam). It's the same thing over and over with most of these dating sites.

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If they are all the same then who do you choose?

Well, if I had to choose like I have said on many of my blog posts I would choose AdultFriend Finder. You may as well choose a site that has literally millions of members seeking sex. Surprisingly has 25 millions visitors per month and has 28 million visitors, it looks like they are actually quite close in popularity now. So who do you go with? Well if you are not really sure you can register for free to both services and see where you meet the most women and then decide, simple!  It takes 2 minute to register to AdultFriendFinder and SeekBang (Fling) and then take your time browsing around and see what works for you. That is honestly the best advice I can give you. Good luck, now go meet some hot women in !

Apr 6 Review – A Review Of This Cougar Dating Site

Are you interested in dating a cougar? It seems like their is a dating service for anything you can think of, and dating cougars seems to be no different. receives about 150,000 visitors per month, of that 72% of the members are younger  male seeking Mrs Robinson. The site is geared toward younger male seeking older women obviously.

As for the actual website it is part of Lover Cash. Lover Cash owns many other web sites such as,, and With my experience with dating sites, I can almost guarantee that all the sites under the  Lover Cash umbrella use the same database of members. The bottom line is if you already have a membership with any of those sites I listed above then you do NOT need to have another membership for the Date A Cougar site.

The female members listed on the homepage actually look real, because they aren't all model looking females. Some of the females actually don't look very hot, so they they must be real, ha ha. Browsing the features of, it's pretty basic. There is no web cam chat to verify cougar women before you meet them in person. Basically you can browse photos and email cougar women you are interested in meeting.

My personal review I think the site is decent, but for the same amount of money you can go to Adult Friend Finder and have access to many more local older women. is marketed as a "cougar dating site" but in reality you can find many more "cougars" on

In all honesty save your money and use a site that is one of the oldest and is the  most popular adult dating site in the world,