USearchLocal Review

USearchLocal is run by the same people who own As with all other dating sites you can register for free and test drive the service to see if you like and want  a paid membership.

Once you go to their homepage you can “register for free” and fill out all the information. They ask you basic things like location and age. Then it gets more in depth and they start asking the types of sports you like such as bowling (not), basketball,  volleyball, wrestling, tennis and so on. From there they ask you if you are artistic, you like sports  and etc.

I don’t want to get into the whole sign up process but it’s very in depth which is probably a good thing.

Before you get all worried about actually paying for, don’t worry you can do tons of things without paying.

Some of the USearchLocal features that are free include:

  • Free to – email featured members
  • Free to – receive and read e-mails from members
  • Free to – reply to e-mails from members
  • Free to – create your own personality profile
  • Free to – use our proprietary matching system
  • No credit card required for free basic membership

USearchLocal offers a 30 day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied then you can get you cash back.

The members seems to come from mostly english speaking countries and the USA tops it with 80% of the members from USearchLocal living in the United States. Suprisingly there are even people from Iran and Afghanistan on there. The reason for Iran and Afghanistan having visitors is probably because of U.S. troops stationed in both of those countries at the moment.

screenshot of

  • 79.1% United States
  • 5.1% Iran
  • 4.0% Canada
  • 2.3% Afghanistan

Personally I still like much better they have millions more members and also I like the “adult side” of dating better. That is my personal opinion…


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