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Since I own this blog (PassionMatch.net), I am able to write about whatever I feel like. Me being the wild guy that I am I started searching for “swinger personals” and “swinger dating” and so on (want to know what swinging is, read this). I did those searches just to see what would pop up in Google. Well what do you know “swinger dating”, is actually pretty popular. Probably the biggest site is still AdultFriendFinder.com, but in second place I think SwingLifeStyle.com would take it.

My Review Of  SwingLifeStyle.com

SwingLifeStyle.com is strictly for swingers and no one else. It is not a singles site such as ULust, XXXBlackBook or Fling.com. This is for swingers only which makes it unique to say the least.

Browsing the SwingLifeStyle Site They List Facts Ssuch As:

  1. 5654 Swingers Online Now
  2. 7549 New Swingers This Week
  3. 20585 New Pictures This Week
  4. 169 Swingers Chat Room
  5. 2162 Swingers Groups

After I checked out their homepage I did what I always do and I signed for a free Swing LifeStyle membership. When you register for free and you are a single male such as myself then you only get one week to try the site out for (boo hoo). After the week is up, then you need to pay or get lost, pure and simple.

From the SwingLifeStyle.com site:

SwingerLifeStyle.com was designed by and for couples. It is not really designed or intended for single males.

We do allow a limited number of single males to join, but there are a few conditions and limitations you should be aware of:

  • This is NOT a porn site and there is no pornographic material available on this site.
    Some of our members have nude and erotic photos but they can only be viewed by paid members.
  • We require single males to become paid members within a week or the account will be deleted.
  • You will not be able to send mail to any of our members until your account has become paid.
    You will only be able to reply to mail sent to you. Once your account is paid, you will have full access.

Just like I mentioned SwingerLifeStyle.com is for couples wanting to meet other couples, so for the most part you may find it harder to find a  date if you’re a single male such as me.

Ok, I had to go through the basic sign up process and created a profile describing myself, attaching a photo and  my preferences of what I am looking for for and who I would like to meet.

Obviously as a free basic member there are some daily caps. You have the ability to send and receive email, you can send only 5 emails per day for a 7 day period. You can view 50 profiles per day. You can browse the swinger forums on SwingerLifeStyle.com, but you cannot respond to any forums.

So I’m in the basic section of the  SLS (SwingLifeStyle.com) site and I have to say it’s pretty limited as to what you can do without paying. The site looks pretty boring from what I have seen. When I was online there were another 5654 swingers  on the site as well, not bad.

One thing that I did find interesting is that they list national and international swinger meet up events. If you’re looking for local swinging events then they have those as well. Depending on your zip code you can see swinger functions located around the area.

Before I keep babbling on, do you want my opinion?

If you’re a swinging couple, then this might be a good site for you but for single males? If you’re  a single male then use XXXBlackBook, ULust or even better AdultFriendFinder.com. If I compare it to AdultFriendFinder.com, which is the biggest swinger site in by far, then SwingLifeStyle.com comes in second place. AdultFriendFinder.com has been around longer so it has millions more members, as well as great web cam and online chat rooms to see and meet local swingers. If I was a swinging couple then I would be using AdultFriendFinder.com to meet  local swingers in . More members and better functions, that is my personal opinion.

screenshot of swinglifestyle.com

screen shot of www.SwingLifeStyle.com

4 Responses

  1. J & J Says:

    Actually, SLS is a great place for single guys. There is a certification feature that allows paid members to certify whether other members are real and give reviews. Obviously the more certifications a single guy has and obtains the easier it will be for him to meet couples. In addition, the section on the site that lists lifestyle events is second to none and attending these events are an excellent way to meet couples. We’ve arranged to meet quite a few single men through SLS at lifestyle clubs and parties that resulted in threesomes and we also met single men who attended the lifestyle parties on their own who found the parties through SLS. And the pricing package is great – why pay a monthly fee when you can drop something like 150 (not sure what the actual price is now) on a lifetime membership 🙂

  2. SwingerLifeStyle Says:

    Actually Swinglifestyle is a great FREE site! Don’t know what you are talking bout, however I click ed your swingerlifestyle link and it took me to AFF?? anyways if you click my name it now takes to to the real SwingerLifestyle

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  4. Fred Says:

    @2 — Comment of SwingerLifeStyle dated April 30th, 2010 at 7:19 pm –
    The commenter notes that clicking on “swingerlifestyle” in the article link directs one to AFF.
    In response, note that the article presents hyperlinks to: “SwingLifeStyle” and
    The difference between the two is “er” — interesting, eh?!

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