Spicy Or Sweet? – The SpicyOrSweet.com Review

Spicy Or Sweet is another dating site that caters to people seeking “casual fun”. If you’re looking for marriage then move onto a Russian bride site. Something you know before I start my review. SpicyOrSweet.com is owned and run by the same people who bring you True.com.

What does that mean?

If you already have a membership to the dating sites called True.com then you have full access to SpicyOrSweet.com. I did a little digging (something I’m good at) and found out that True.com has numerous dating sites that use the same database of members.

I have complied the list of sites that True.com owns and runs:

  1. BrainsorBrawn.com – gay site for males
  2. BufforBoyish.com – gay site for males
  3. ButchorLipstick.com – lesbian site for females
  4. GirlznGuyz.comadult site for males and females
  5. LoveAndLies.comadult site for males and females
  6. MyyJudy.com – gay site for males
  7. NaughtyOrNice.com – adult site for males and females

As usual I did register for a free basic membership to test drive their dating service and see what it’s all about. I found the usual features such as the ability to send & receive email, live public as well as private local chat rooms to meet women around the area. You can also browse the millions of member of photos that they offer on SpiceyOrSweet.com. They also have search options to make it easy to find the type of person you are looking for.  I already had a membership to True.com so it’s the exact same dating site, just a few different graphics.

So, what is my take on SpicyOrSweet.com?

I don’t think SpicyOrSweet.com is much different than many of the dating sites that I have registered for. I hate to sound like a broken record but if I need to pay, then I want the most bang for my buck. That being said if you compare to the biggest adult dating site in the world (AdultFriendFinder.com), they don’t compare. SpiceyOrSweet has less members as well as less options, so why bother? I wouldn’t bother that’s for sure. It’s just another dating site trying to compete in a  crowded online dating environment. AdultFriendFinder was around before and will be around after them. Comparing all the dating sites that I review, AdulFriendFinder.com has helped me personally meet the most local women.

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