ULust.com – Review & Comparison To AdultFriendFinder.com

One of the newer dating sites  that I have been seeing around (including my spam box)  is Ulust.com. Ulust.com has taken the same style as XXXBlackBook.com and Fling.com.  I ended up signing for free to ULust just to see what this dating site was all about and this is my review of the ULust.com service.

ULust Review

Like every other online dating site you can sign up for free to test drive the service and see if you can meet girls in the area. The site I have to say looks clean and uncluttered with a nice “easy on the eyes” white background. They have tons of features like Fling, AdultFriendFinder.com and XXXBlackBox.com.

Some of the features included in the free membership:

  1. blog – setup your own personal blog on their site.
  2. messenger service – chat with girls in
    even before you see them in person.
  3. email – email people directly from the ULust members area.
  4. web cams – you can view live web cams of girls, which is awesome because the last you want to do is meet a girl and she doesn’t look like her profile. This is perfect because you can verify if people who say they are who they are.

I logged into the members areas and I like the “who’s online” page, you can see available women who are interested in meeting guys.


** screen shot of who’s online page in members area of ULust.com.

Snooping around with my technical background I was able to find out that the owners of ULust.com also owns other dating sites such as:

  1. wildhotdates.com
  2. loverdate.com
  3. lonelywivesdatingclub.com
  4. date4fun.com
  5. adultloveline.com
  6. adultdatingfriends.com as well as 20 other not so popular dating sites.

Why does it matter what other sites they are owners of? Well if you already have a membership on any of the sites above then you don’t need to buy a membership for U Lust because they all use the same membership database. I just gave you  a good tip there so remember it.

So far the site looks like most dating sites. From a members point  of view they have 5,461,865 registered members now if you compare then to AdultFriendFinder.com then they loose. AdultFriendFinder.com has a huge membership of 27,435,722 members worldwide so meeting someone in If you really want to meet local girls in
I suggest that you sign up to AdultFriendFinder.com you have a much better chance to meet way more local
women compared to YouLust so it makes more sense to register there.


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