XXXBlackBook Review

OK, it’s time to start doing some reviews for all you online daters out there. Today I will review the famous XXXBlackBook is an adult dating site that offers something for everyone.

You can find  all types of dating niches that include:

  1. men seeking women in
  2. men seeking men
  3. women seeking men in
  4. women seeking women
  5. group sex and a few others

You can sign up to XXX BlackBook for free as a basic member. A basic member is entitled to view profiles and browse the whole site top to bottom. If you actually want to contact someone then it will cost. Do I think it’s a good dating site?

Yes, XXXBlackBook is one of the most popular adult dating sites online just under AdultFriendfinder, Fling and XXXBlackBook has come a long way in a short time frame and continues to grow like crazy. There are more than enough members from to keep you dating and having that’s for sure.

Some of the features for XXXBlackBook include:

  1. Instant Messaging – Contact other members if they are online via XXXBlackBook’s instant messenger.
  2. Video Chat – Do you have a web cam? If you have a web cam you can enjoy some online with other XXXBlackBook members.
  3. Search – You can search based  on a variety of options such as, live web cam chat, erotic email  fantasies, phone sex, one on one sex, threesome or group sex.

**Take a look at XXXBlackBook and sign up for free, test drive the service and see how you like it.

4 Responses

  1. Curt Scholz Says:

    I signed up 2 months ago. I spent allot of time building a real profile with pictures. I have yet to have met more less chatted to become friendly. There are one line replies and computerized generated replies. Of course you can’t prove this but to not have communication beyond a one liner. Another scam site. Don’t try German Finders either. I may try EHaromony to finally put it to rest. XXX Black Book is a rip off. Find out for yourself.

  2. Passion Admin Says:

    It was that bad for you, that sucks. is one of the biggest sites in the world I like them the best, and I haven’t gotten any computer generated responses from Adult Friend Finder…

  3. swampy Says:

    xxxblackbox is not a service its a rippoff. i paid for a two day trial. I logged into my bank to pay some bills about 4 days later to find they had taken over
    $100 dolllers from the account. Do not unless you are realy well off go near them

  4. Passion Admin Says:

    I keep hearing it’s a rip off and I did some research. It seems that is also listed on

    I suggest everyone stay away from XXX Black Book, try out Adult Friend Finder for FREE and see if you like them.

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