Welcome To PassionMatch.net

Welcome to Passion Match. This blog will be focusing on online dating reviews. I will be singing up for memberships at all the popular online dating sites and report back with a blog post about my experiences, as well as features of each site and so on.

What Is My Goal With PassionMatch.net?

My goal is to provide you with valuable information so you can decide which dating site is best for your needs and desires. I consider myself an expert in the online dating field as I have been involved with it for about 2 years now. Hopefully my experience with dating sites can guide you in the right direction.

Some Of The Topics I Will Cover:

  1. Features- what each dating site offers in the way of features.
  2. Honesty- Not all dating sites are created equal and I will show which sites are scams and which ones are not.
  3. Comparisons- I will compare dating websites to one another and tell which one offer the best bang for 3what you are after.
  4. My personal experiences – Like I mentioned above I will be registering to ALL the websites I review, so I can review them properly from a members perspective.

So stay tuned as I begin our journey into the world of online dating…. I should state that most of the sites I will be reviewing will in the adult dating arena. Adult dating is very, very popular so I’m sure there will be many readers who wants reviews of online adult dating websites.

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